The Rook

The Rook

Co-Founder/Director of Technology, Addictive Leadership

Addictive Leadership

The Rook, is the CoFounder/Director of Technology for Addictive Leadership. His area of expertise is Education and Technology Training focusing on Online lead generation and Marketing using Social Media and Technology for Realtors.

He began his career in Real Estate as the team’s Rainmaker, and quickly realized his passion for leveraging the power of the internet to bring in, an average of, 8 real estate transactions a month for his team. He has spent the last 6 yrs. honing this skill by educating and consulting with Leadership, in all industries, and Sales Associates at every experience and production level.

Most days you can find The Rook training, speaking at events, or consulting brokerages and other Industries breaking down the latest ideas and strategies and answering the most asked question, “Now what?”. Technology is one of the most frustrating things we have to deal with, and yet we are told at every expo and conference that if we are to survive in this industry then we have to be online, have this account or that profile. So what happens? We take copious amounts of notes, download several apps, and leave overwhelmed never to implement a fraction of the information.

The Rook’s teaching style is described as fun and engaging. attendees leave with practical action steps to cultivate more leads while establishing a stronger brand. This mirrors his motto: “This is The Game of Life, Make your move!”

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